What We Do

Based in South Somerset we are proud to use Yeovil Crematorium for all our Direct Cremations.

We guarantee that we will look after your loved one locally and not transport them hundreds of miles away to be cremated in an anonymous Crematorium.

A direct cremation, is for those who would prefer a simpler choice for their funeral. It’s different to a traditional funeral as there is no formal funeral service and no one present at the cremation. However, with our Scheduled Direct Cremation option we can offer you the opportunity to say your final farewell. Family or friends can gather together to say goodbye whilst listening to some appropriate music chosen by you for the occasion. (However, there will be no minister or formal service)

It’s for those, who for lots of reasons, prefer not to have a funeral service. This option of a simple, straightforward direct cremation is being chosen by a growing number of people.

What’s included:

  • We’ll arrange for the person who has died to be brought into our care.
  • The provision of a simple coffin.
  • Cremation at Yeovil Crematorium.
  • Doctors fees (if required)
  • The ashes can then be collected from the Yeovil Crematorium or be placed in their Garden of Remembrance or we can arrange for them to be delivered to you.

About us

The Direct Funeral Company was established after a rise in consumer demand for simple, no fuss affordable funerals.

You can be assured that your wishes are carried out by a team of caring and dedicated and qualified professionals. They will guide you through each stage and are on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our simple and clear pricing structure helps our families make an informed decision on the services they require and the costs involved.

Our statement

We are a Somerset based funeral director dedicated in providing families in Somerset, Dorset and Devon with simple, affordable and local direct funerals.

We provide an alternative choice to a Traditional Funeral where no formal service is required or cost is an issue.

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For more information call us on:

01935 310293